Kolekcja poduszek SIC

Signature Pillow Collection

Welcome to our Signature collection, an extensive new range of ready to order decorative printed pillows, specially designed and curated by us, featuring the latest contemporary and classic interior trends.

We offer an extensive variety of PFP high quality polyester base fabrics to select for printing on.

Our pillows are available in the following standard sizes:

  • 45 × 45 cm
  • 50 × 50 cm
  • 60 × 60 cm
  • 70 × 70 cm
  • 30 × 50 cm
  • 40 × 60 cm

If you require a size that is not listed above, or would like to have your own custom design or pattern printed on pillows, we can often provide a completely bespoke solution that meets your needs. Just contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss possible options in more detail. Each pillow comes as standard with an outer removable polyester cover and zipper, and a 100% polyester filling.

SIC Kolekcja poduszek — przykładowe wzory
SIC Kolekcja poduszek — przykładowe wzory

Customized products

As well as having the flexibility to choose the specific base you want to print on, from our currently available options, it’s also possible to configure each side of the pillow specifically to your needs - for example so that both the front and back are printed, or just the front printed and the back in the same fabric, but selected from our wide choice of ready available uni plain upholstery colours. We can also add piping around the perimeter of the pillow for a defined edge, in general this works best when it’s a continuation of the fabric used in the main body of the pillow.

Kolekcja poduszek SIC

The Catalogue.

We very much hope you enjoy selecting from our catalogue and if you have any questions or require any further information on our products and services, please contact our sales team.

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